27 April 2005

I Go Changing, to Try and Please You

Every so often, I like to tweak a few things at this site. In the past, I haven't publicized changes made because these generally have been either minor or apparent; this time around, however, there are a few changes I'd like to point out:
  • The comment function has been enabled for all posts.
  • The recommendations list has been moved to Blogrolling and has been doubled from 30 links to 60.
  • The current TTLB Ecosystem status for Infamy or Praise is now available in the main page sidebar (except when TLLB is unavailable). With your continuing readership and linkage, I hope to make may way up the chain from Lowly Insect to Slimy Mollusc and beyond!
  • Also in the sidebar, you may notice a SiteMeter icon on all pages; this enables me to harvest your credit card numbers and other personal information.
  • The number of recent posts available on the main page has been doubled from 10 posts to 20.
Thanks for reading!

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