12 May 2005

When the Journal Makes You Laugh, It's Time for Medication

Reading the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) this morning, I came across this item:
Sabre Holdings Corp. agreed to acquire United Kingdom online travel company Lastminute.com PLC for £577 million ($1.08 billion or €859.4 million) in cash.

. . . .

Lastminute.com Chairman Brian Collie said Thursday that he couldn't rule out the possibility of another bid for the company and said he would consider any offers carefully. "We have a duty to maximize shareholder value," he told a conference call after the Sabre deal was announced. "There's nothing to prevent us recommending another offer," Mr. Collie said.

I wonder how awkward it would be for Sabre's management if they jumped too soon to make an offer for Lastminute.com? Alanis Morissette would certainly call it ironic if this all didn't work out.

Maybe I'm just giddy because, this being a travel day, it's impossible for the Mariners to lose today; still, the fact that I found that item funny more-or-less confirms that I should take a vacation.

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