26 September 2005

Fight the Power!

Blawg Review 25 offers a "protest edition" hosted by the Ambivalent Imbroglio blog this week and sticks it to The Man (no, not the Samuel Jackson-Eugene Levy buddy picture --it had enough problems already).

Each week, I advise you to read the submission guidelines and recommend a worthy law-related post you see in the coming week; it goes without saying that it's critical to hit "Send" once you've crafted that recommendation e-mail. Nevertheless, I neglected to do just that last Friday and, consequently, two excellent items relating to last week's 9th Circuit decision in Altera Corporation v. Clear Logic, Inc. are absent from this excellent issue -- Evan Brown at InternetCases.com has a good overview of the case itself, while Professor Mike Madison, guest blogging at Conglomerate, offers up some thoughts why licensing shouldn't be seen in purely contract terms and how a seeming equitable servitude may not be one after all.

I see that, according to its home page, Blawg Review is now "the official blog carnival for legal bloggers". It's official now, so accept no substitutes!

UPDATE: Thanks to the mysterious Blawg Review Editor, an incorrect link and a typo have been corrected.

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