14 August 2006

Better Than Toughskins, Husky Pencils, and Big Chief Tablets

This week's back-to-school-themed Blawg Review #70, hosted by Dave Gulbransen at his Preaching to the Perverted blog, is a real treat. After nearly six dozen editions of this carnival, I'm still pleasantly surprised nearly every Monday morning when I see the creativity displayed by the hosts and the quality of the linked posts.

My daughter starts kindergarten tomorrow afternoon and her excitement over learning her teacher's name and preparing her new school backpack (featuring Disney Princesses, of course) reminds me of my own excitement a few decades ago when those back-to-school circulars appeared in the weekend paper. Blawg Review #70 may just do the same for those of you who aren't sending your princess out into the great unknown this week.

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