30 October 2006

V for Valour

Since August 2005, those of you who visit Infamy or Praise have seen a link in the sidebar for Project Valour-IT, the effort by the Soldiers' Angels organization to supply voice recognition software and portable computers to armed forces personnel recovering from hand or arm injuries or amputations. Since the project's inception, the effort has supplied nearly six hundred voice-enabled laptops.

Blackfive and many others are now engaged in a good-natured(?) inter-branch rivalry fundraiser for Project Valour-IT. This competition is set to continue through Veterans' Day and already is responsible for more than $5,000 in donations. Although I grew up in an Air Force family, my sympathies are (and my college ROTC days were) with the Army; as such, I've joined Blackfive's Army fundraising team and will display their donations meter in the sidebar throughout this campaign.

Let's take this opportunity to repay some of the valor shown on our behalf with a bit of Valour of our own. Please pass the word and open your wallets for Project Valour-IT or one of the many other worthy ongoing efforts which Soldiers' Angels has organized.

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