23 April 2007

Classified Information

Connie Crosby, noted law librarian and info diva, hosts Blawg Review #105 this week. Although she concedes that she's not a cataloguer, she does an admirable job of categorizing the best of the past week's legal blogging using the Library of Congress classification scheme. It certainly beats my information classification scheme, which comprises the following categories: 1) in a pile and forgotten, 2) in the wastebasket and forgotten, and 3) currently in front of my nose.

Highlights of this week's issue include a good example of unprofessional irresponsibility, controlled vocabulary versus tagging, and librarian gadgetry. Brett Trout of the Blawg IT blog has hosting honors next week. I can't tell you more than that at this point; until next Monday, Blawg Review is classified.

1 comment:

Connie Crosby said...

Thanks so much for the comments! And it sure feels good to be out of limbo, too....