25 July 2007

A man walks into a bar (exam) with a duck on his head...

The best lawyer jokes aren't told to lawyers (or behind their backs) but by them.

It's long seemed to me that we tend to find more humor (including black and tragic humor, of course) in the workings of our profession than do outsiders. As such, an edition of Blawg Review dedicated to the funnier side of the law is a great showcase; Barry Barnett has produced such a showcase with Blawg Review #118, now hosted at his Blawgletter site. From stupid criminals who chose to burglarize a police dog training facility to a touching tribute to the "average Joe who always gets demoted to 'et al.' status on patents", there's much to see in #118.

Blawg celebrity David Lat, formerly an Article III Groupie at Under Their Robes and editor at Wonkette, will host next week's edition of the carnival at his Above the Law blog.

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