12 July 2007

No Place to Go But Up

In attempting to get my daughter to do something inconsequential before heading to bed, I made the mistake of trying to pull rank:
"Why? Because I'm in charge," I said, "that's why."

"No," she replied, giggling, "you're not."

"I'm not? Yes, I am!"


"Well, if I'm not, then who is?"

"Mommy. Then me, then Puggsley. You're the low man on the toilet pole, Daddy."

UPDATE: For those of you who asked whether she really said "toilet pole", yes she did. This tells me two things: first, that she is actually listening when I make throwaway comments like so-and-so being "the low man on the totem pole"; and second, that she doesn't have a clue what a "totem" is.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Clearly you're raising her to be a good Christian if she doesn't know what a totem is.