26 July 2007

SUN Shines Again

Back in October last year, I praised SUN's efforts to convince the SEC that Reg FD, concerning disclosures of information, should be revised to permit disclosures on corporate blogs and websites. On his blog, SUN's General Counsel, Mike Dillon, reports that discussions with the SEC have since continued and that the company will soon take another step along that path:
On Monday, we will release our financial information first to the public via our website, RSS feeds and 8-K filing. Then, about 10 minutes later, we will release the information to the traditional private agencies and their paid subscribers.

This change may not seem major, but to be candid, it has some in our company a bit uncomfortable. After all, in the area of securities regulation, being "innovative" is not always considered positively. However, in this situation, our goal is very much aligned with the intent of Reg FD.

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