13 November 2007

You Won't Want to Rosie Ruiz This One

I was glad to have the holiday yesterday to peruse this week's Blawg Review #134 at leisure. Hosted by Eric Turkewitz, this edition is an instant classic. Turkewitz' theme -- the New York City Marathon -- is as well-integrated into the narrative of his Blawg Review as any I can recall seeing over the more than two years this carnival's been making its rounds. There is no shortage of worthy links to follow -- highlights include an appreciation of the world's longest urinal, getting kids while they're young when it comes to profiling and indoctrination, and avoiding, embracing, or just learning to live with snitches; notwithstanding the outstanding collection of legal posts he's collected, Turkewitz' marathon Blawg Review itself is the real highlight this week. In the 1980 Boston Marathon (and, it is alleged, in the preceding year's New York City Marathon), Rosie Ruiz skipped over the bulk of the race just to get to the end ahead of the field; you don't want to make the same mistake with Blawg Review #134 -- take your time, as the joy of this edition is in the run rather than the finish.

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