31 March 2008

Piracy is not just a software, music, or film industry concern any longer.

Pirates come ashore to herald the start of Seafair each year. When I last went to Disneyland, I found that pirates had taken over what used to be Tom Sawyer Island. Now, my beloved Blawg Review has fallen to buccaneers. Fortunately for us all, Blawg Review #153 demonstrates that they know how to produce an entertaining round-up of the best legal blogging from the past week (with just a bit of assistance from George M. Wallace at the Declarations and Exclusions blog). Highlights include comprehensive coverage of the Medellin decision, tips on negotiating with a sociopath, and the prospects for a teaching law firm. David Harlow hosts next week at his HealthBlawg site.

UPDATE: As if this wasn't enough, Wallace has posted an appendix to Blawg Review #153, in honor of April Fool's Day, at his A Fool in the Forest blog. No, really. I'm not joking. C'mon, it's true!

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