21 April 2008

Kickin' Back, Keepin' It Virtual

One of the more focused and interesting legal blogs around is Benjamin Duranske's Virtually Blind. For those of you who've not yet found this ongoing discussion of the legal issues associated with the virtual world (e.g., Second Life, World of Warcraft), this week's Blawg Review #156 offers a great opportunity to get a real education about all things virtual. Highlights in this week's edition include intellectual property infringement in the virtual world, Apple's efforts to stake out its legal territory online, ethical negotiation in the real world, and what's possibly the end of the world if you're on death row -- a roundup of commentary on the Supreme Court's Baze decision. Next week, Michael Fitzgibbon does the heavy thinking -- really rather than virtually this time around -- at his Thoughts from a Management Lawyer blog.

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