14 April 2008

An Ode to Blawg Review #155

Comes now a Blawg Review host
To whom I'll offer this toast:
He's gathered great links,
But his poetry stinks.
We're waiting for Giacalone's post.

Greg May hosts Blawg Review #155 at The California Blog of Appeal. From legal-themed poetry to the stress it causes, May has things ably covered this week. Benjamin Duranske will host next week's carnival of legal blogging at his Virtually Blind blog.

1 comment:

david giacalone said...

Colin, I have not read Blawg Review #155, and do not plan to, as I've been trying hard to avoid unnecessarily subjecting myself to either poetry-induced agita or the near temptation to make negative judgments. I'm going to take your word that the poetry stinks.