08 July 2008

Surreality Programming

I'm a regular listener and great fan of Mike Semple Piggot's various podcasting productions, including the daily news program at the Insitelaw Magazine site, his ongoing Charon podcast series, and his "West London Man" satiric commentaries. I highly recommend them all.

Although I've exchanged an occasional e-mail with each, I've never had the pleasure to meet or speak with either Mike or his guest on today's podcast, Dan Hull (of the always-excellent What About Clients? blog). I was, to say the least, flabbergasted when the following exchange took place around seventeen minutes into the interview:
MIKE: I've always enjoyed reading Colin Samuels and I know his Blawg Reviews have won Blawg Review consistently for several years. But they are literary and they are always interesting.

DAN: Colin's one of the few bloggers out there who can really write. There's a number of lawyers that blog and they have great ideas, but there's only a small handful of those that are both . . . original and eloquent at the same time, so you're right about that.

I'm certainly honored to be mentioned so glowingly by Mike and Dan, whose own legal blogging efforts are far superior to my own. As a "blogger who can really write", I suppose I should make a more concerted effort to write a bit more frequently! Thanks to you both, most sincerely.

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