09 December 2008

Tweet of the Ancient Mariner

Toward the end of Blawg Review #189, I mentioned a list of practicing lawyers, legal academics, legal professionals, and law students who microblog on Twitter. That list, maintained by Adrian Lurssen, is available here.

Interestingly enough, each and every one of the attorneys whose posts were linked in the section on legal communications ("The Tale") are on Twitter, as are the Blawg Review Editor and both of his Sherpas.

I tweeted yesterday that approximately half to two-thirds of the early traffic (morning and early afternoon, Pacific time) to Blawg Review #189 was driven by links from Twitter. As more traditional blogs linked to the post, Twitter's overall percentage of referrals diminished, but it still remained high overall. Of the final number of visits to Blawg Review #189 yesterday, 40.7% came from Twitter links. For a relatively new technology, I think that's pretty impressive.

As Kevin O'Keefe, Denise Howell, and Nicole Black (among others) have noted recently, Twitter is building steam within the existing legal blogging community and attracting many in the legal community who otherwise lack a blogging presence. In addition to the Editor and Sherpas of Blawg Review, twenty bloggers featured in Blawg Review #189 are on Twitter. For those of you who are also on Twitter or are planning to join, I've listed their Twitter names below:

If any of these names are in error or if I've omitted anyone's name, please don't hesitate to advise me in comments, by e-mail, or via Twitter.

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Brett Trout said...

Great list Colin. For even more JD Twitter fun, check out JD Supra's "145 Lawyers to follow on Twitter" http://snurl.com/7ql5k

Brett Trout
Twitter @BrettTrout