16 September 2009

Harvard's not the douchiest, but still douchy enough for Blawg Review.

Harvard alum Barry Barnett hosts this week's Blawg Review #229 at his Blawgletter site on the anniversary of John Harvard's death. Right off the bat, we learn a few things about Harvard, including that he had no involvement with the founding of the university which bears his name and that he spelled his name with only two a's, unlike Haaavaaad University does today.

Barnett notes that Harvard Law School suffered a bitter defeat recently to Duke Law School in a contest to determine the "Douchiest Law School" in America. Tough loss there, Harvard. Take some consolation, however, in the fact that you and your notable alumni will always be douchy enough for inclusion in Blawg Review. Barnett's Blawg Review is understandably Harvard-heavy, but he does gather some of the best legal blogging from last week, regardless of writers' alma maters. Highlights of this edition include letting animals enforce their own rights, treating McDonald's like clowns in India (Ronald McCurry, anyone?), and turning law school gamers into law firm apprentices.

For both fans of the "Round Tuit" posts, there will be no Round Tuit here today; Mike Semple Piggot and I are already gearing up for our joint turn hosting the carnival of legal blogging, next Monday at our Unsilent Partners blog. Round Tuit will be back here at Infamy or Praise the Wednesday after next.

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