29 September 2009

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

The ads say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but word was bound to get out about this week's Blawg Review #231, hosted at the Legally UnBound blog. Kael Garvey, the blog's pseudonymous Vegas-resident proprietor (none of us use our real names when we go to Vegas) takes us on a tour of Sin City and the best legal blogging of the past week.

Garvey very graciously opens with some flattery for last week's Blawg Review, hosted at Unsilent Partners by Mike Semple Piggot and me. I do feel the need to correct him on at least one point, however. He refers to us as the Blawg Review "establishment"; technically, Mike is anti-establishment (Blawg Review or otherwise) and I'm too flaky to be established as much of anything. Thanks, though.

Highlights of Blawg Review #231 include celebrating innovations in the desert and innovators in the law, covering The Juice in the system and juicing the system, and appreciating lying and gambling for their strategic values. If you're not too hung over after leaving Las Vegas, next week's Blawg Review #232 will be hosted by Susan Cartier Liebel at Solo Practice University.


Legally UnBound said...

Thanks for the kind words (& the link).

I was wondering if you guys would pick up on the 'establishment' comment. I figured you guys were somewhat anti-establishment, reading your past BR's & your Blawg posts. However, I think we can establish that your establishment, though anti-establishment overall, is fairly well established as the face of the establishment, at least as far as being an established Blawg Review of the Year receipient, repeatedly. Usually I am anti-establishment. However, in your case I'll make an established exception.

Kael Garvey

Unknown said...

Very well stated, sir. Welcome to the establishment!