20 September 2009

War! What is it good for? Absolutely... well, quite a lot, actually.

Mike Semple Piggot and I host Blawg Review #230 at our joint Unsilent Partners blawg. It is a respectful tribute to tomorrow's United Nations International Day of Peace:
Officially of course, we’re against war, as it’s undeniably destructive to humans and their works. Peace is a much more palatable concept until one realizes that there are certain conditions which should not be allowed to continue in peace and certain people with whom one can not reason peacefully. At that point, humanity is characterized not by the avoidance of war but by a willingness to accept the burden of war and seek to resolve otherwise intractable situations as humanely as possible. War is certainly not the answer to every international problem, but there are some things that are worth fighting for. Who understands that better than soldiers and lawyers?

Thus, while 21 September is officially the United Nations’ International Day of Peace , we’ll leave the encomia of peace to others and offer a brief but heartfelt appreciation of war here at Unsilent Partners. Notwithstanding, as this has been designated a day for international ceasefire, we promise not to shoot anyone until tomorrow morning.
When I said "respectful" I meant, of course, "disrespectful". Kael Garvey will host Blawg Review #231 next Monday at the Legally UnBound blog. I'll return with another Round Tuit post here at Infamy or Praise next week on Wednesday.

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