24 November 2009

A Blawg Review Without Blarney

Máiréad Enright hosts a no-nonsense Blawg Review #239 at the group blog Human Rights in Ireland. For decades, Ireland and Britain were at odds over the status of Northern Ireland and atrocities committed against Britons by Irish terrorists. This week, as Enright notes, Ireland finds itself as one with England after suffering a grievous handball-caused injustice in a World Cup-related soccer match. In 1986, England were eliminated from the World Cup following Diego Maradona's appalling "Hand of God" goal; this past week, Ireland were eliminated from qualifying for next year's World Cup by an egregious handball committed by France's Thierry Henry. English-Irish Brotherhood ensues.

Bravely soldiering-on after this football disappointment, Enright gathered together the best legal blogging of the past week, with an understandable focus on Irish blogs. Highlights included the state of political advertising in Ireland, the rights of Irish children and issues relating to children's religious identity, and a discussion of the "rapprochement" between the United States and the International Criminal Court.

Andrew Raff will host Blawg Review #240 next Monday at his IPTAblog site.

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