16 November 2009

But enough about us, Mr. Rosenberg.... What do you think of us?

We legal bloggers love to talk about ourselves, but on occasion Blawg Review permits us to take a break from our incessant navel-gazing to allow a non-lawyer, non-student, non-academic to gaze at our navels instead. This time last month, Scott Greenfield profiled a gentleman who's become a regular commenter at Greenfield's Simple Justice blog, a formidable blogger at the WindyPundit and The Twin Cities Carry Journal blogs, and a welcome presence in many legal folks' Twitter streams:
Jdog is the name he uses most often when commenting here, though regulars know him to be Joel Rosenberg. Yes, he's that Joel Rosenberg, renown author of 23 fiction novels, gun enthusiast and certified firearms instructor, supporter of good cops and irascible critic of police impropriety. For a hack writer like me to have someone of such stature spend a few minutes of his time reading my drivel is an immense honor.

Joel makes no bones about his not being a "law talking guy," but on the other hand offers insights far beyond the common man. Joel's insights have provided a master class in understanding where the law succeeds, and fails miserably. And they are invariably presented with wit and humor that challenges the reader far beyond the facial understanding of his words. Don't be fooled by his self-effacing manner, his backdoor "I dunno's." He knows.
Joel "Jew with a Gun" Rosenberg brings his wit and insight to this week's Blawg Review #238 (cross-posted at WindyPundit for good measure). This Blawg Review commemorates two anniversaries — the United Nations International Day of Tolerance and the birthday of the National Rifle Association (because tolerance is a finite commodity). I've seen several posts today which describe this edition of the carnival as a strong contender for Blawg Review of the Year honors; this isn't hyperbole — Blawg Review #238 is not just a great roundup of legal blogging, including some posts on legal topics from outside the traditional blawgosphere, but also a very readable and entertaining post on its own. For all his worrying this week that he was in over his head as a Blawg Review host, Rosenberg's managed to pull it off in high style.

Mike Semple Piggot and I had a bit of fun with the U.N.'s International Day of Peace in Blawg Review #230 a couple of months back, but Rosenberg really puts it to those who provide official cover for regimes which trample human rights and coddle those who pay lip service to international coexistence while condemning those who actually make it possible. Highlights include reflecting on the military's excessive tolerance for religious extremism in uniform, the judiciary's excessive tolerance for unconstitutional behavior by police, and municipalities' lack of tolerance for Second Amendment rights.

The group blog Human Rights in Ireland hosts Blawg Review #239 next week.

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RonMossad said...

Can tolerance breed intolerance? How can this be?


Historically, the indecent minority has only been able to succeed due to the indifference of the decent majority. Understanding other cultures and peoples is a wonderful approach to life, but enabling intolerant cultures (that seek to restrict our own freedoms) is where we must draw the line.