10 November 2009

If there's no Blawg Review in Disneyland, can it really be the Happiest Place on Earth?

One of the pleasures of living in California is the state's sensible tax policy that one can go to Disneyland about as frequently as one wishes and one's pocketbook permits. Fortunately, last week was one of those wondrous times when the two came together and I found myself with the family in the Happiest Place on Earth. There, as Walt said, we can find "fond memories of the past and... savor the challenge and promise of the future"; what we can't do (or shouldn't) is read Blawg Review.

One of the pleasures of returning home from a week away is finding a Blawg Review waiting. That was particularly true this time around. Eric Turkewitz' Halloween-themed Blawg Review #236, hosted at his New York Personal Injury Law Blog, was a real treat. Accompanied by a "pissed-off" bogeyman, Turkewitz made the rounds on All Hallows' Eve, scaring up the best legal blogging of the final week of October. Highlights included the horrible fate awaiting drug company executives in West Virginia, the duty to disclose a haunting of your real property, and the misadventures of one hapless drunken witch. Turkewitz is a perennial contender for Blawg Review of the Year honors. If this one doesn't put him at the top of voters' lists this year, there must be some trick.

Not as pleasurable as visiting Disneyland or returning home afterward is that first day back at work. Finding myself swamped, Christian Metcalfe's outstanding Blawg Review #237 had to wait a bit. Building around the Putney Debates of 1647 (which you probably think about regularly), Metcalfe manages to create a very readable Blawg Review which is both dense with history and wide-ranging in its collection of recent legal blogging. Highlights include the challenges of business in China and Russia, the plights of those down on their luck within the legal profession and without, and wondering at the sticky fingers of police officers in Arizona who help themselves to defense files.

Joel Rosenberg, that "Jew with a gun" who comments frequently on several legal blogs and is a noted man-about-Twitter will host next week, either at the Windypundit blog or one of his other online homes.

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