14 December 2009

Likelihood of Illumination

Last Chanukah, Ron Coleman offered-up a tremendous discussion of the Jewish Festival of Lights with his Blawg Review #191; as he notes in comparing this year's Blawg Review to last year's, this year's is "not that kind of Chanukah Blawg Review because it’s not that kind of year."

Blawg Review #242, hosted at Coleman's Likelihood of Confusion blog, is anything but confusing. Appropriately enough considering the season, Coleman illuminates and clarifies, giving us introspection rather than epic themes; this edition of the carnival of legal blogging is like a letter from an old friend — a bit of nostalgia here, a bit of humor there, quiet wisdom throughout — you know, that rarest sort of holiday message... the sort you actually want to receive.

Highlights include finding peace from the social media snake oil salesmen and the social media snake oil salesmen who decry them, refocusing and moving on to blog another day, and fretting about friending in the Age of Facebook. Chris Sherliker will host next week's Blawg Review #243 at the Silverman Sherliker blog.

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