04 January 2010

May Darth Vader QC be the most evil barrister you encounter today.


I always look forward to Charon QC's Blawg Reviews, as each one is not only rich with links to the best recent legal blogging in Britain and America but also reads like a great conversation with a widely-read and endlessly-entertaining friend. I can state this with some confidence as I've enjoyed many great conversations with Charon and he is, in fact, a widely-read and endlessly-entertaining gentleman whom I'm honored to count as a friend. Devote whatever time you require to reading, digesting, and enjoying this week's Blawg Review #245. Inspired by our generation's own Lord of Misrule, Darth Vader, this week's "Dark" carnival of legal blogging covers everything from the death penalty in the United States and China to Seppukoo on Facebook, from F*ckArt to Sh*ts of the Year, and from considering that clients should be the focus of all we do to recognizing that sex is the only reason anybody does anything.

Though Charon has advised that Blawg Review #245 will be his final one (way to leave on a high note, mate!), Blawg Review itself marches on; next week's edition will be hosted by Jay Shepherd at his The Client Revolution blog, which has just begun its second year.

This post's header picture was obtained from Christ the Truth.

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