16 February 2010

The Host with the Most

It takes a small army of people to mount a successful Winter Olympics (and even more when Mother Nature is uncooperative) or to host a successful Winter Olympics-themed Blawg Review. While their hometown manages the former, the attorneys of Clark Wilson LLP accomplish the latter with Blawg Review #251, hosted this week at their Canadian Trademark Blog.

For those of us who cannot experience the Winter Olympics because we are pitifully unathletic, are unable to travel to Vancouver this month, or are are obliged to watch NBC, whose Olympics coverage does not actually show Olympics events, this week's Blawg Review gives us a sense of what we're missing. Highlights include the sights of Vancouver and the sites where local cannabis is easily procured, the infrastructure investments for the games and the litigation these have spawned, and the "green" Olympics and the green the Olympics organizers expect in exchange for advertising use of Olympics-related terms.

The group bloggers at the Law Firm Web Strategy Blog will host next week's Blawg Review.

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