29 March 2010

Question Authority

Lance Godard, who produces the 22 Tweets Twitter-based interview series, hosts Blawg Review #257 this week at his Are You Writing This Down? blog.

Until now, finding one's post included in the carnival of legal blogging marks the end of the blogging process; nothing more is required of you, apart from basking in the well-deserved glow of your peers' acclaim. This week, however, Godard isn't letting the twenty-two bloggers linked in his Blawg Review get away so easily. After all, these are twenty-two of the best legal bloggers around... why pass up an opportunity to solicit their views on the issues of the day and the broader concerns facing our profession?

It's an interesting twist on the Blawg Review concept. Highlights of this interactive Blawg Review are the public relations boost enjoyed by Google following its dustup with China, the difference (if any) between justice and fairness, and the fragility of our right to counsel.

Cathy Gellis will host next week's Blawg Review #258 at her Statements of Interest blog.

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