19 April 2010

Blawg Review pays tribute to Watson and Crick, the greatest Anglo-American comedy duo since Laurel and Hardy.

This Friday is DNA Day, commemorating the 1953 scientific paper wherein James Watson and Francis Crick published their description of the double helix structure of DNA. Their discovery made possible today's precise genetic testing, without which thousands of illegitimate offspring of NBA players would be living in poverty.

Though DNA and genomics were once purely scientific inquiries, these now have many legal overtones; genetic patenting, genetic privacy, and genetic ethics are of concern to many in the legal community. This week's Blawg Review #260, hosted by Dan Vorhaus at the Genomics Law Report blog, explores a few of those issues, along with many others including troubleshooting patent application difficulties, allowing fair comment on questionable medical procedures, and wondering at the slow biotech response to social media.

The group bloggers at the IPKat blog will host next week's Blawg Review #261.

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