12 April 2010

Happy Fifth Birthday, Blawg Review!

I can still remember how excited I felt to see my then-young legal blog linked in the very first edition of Blawg Review. I was a bundle of nerves when I hosted my first Blawg Review and floored when it won the first Blawg Review of the Year award. The Blawg Review Editor conferred an even greater honor sometime thereafter when he asked me to become a Blawg Review Sherpa. Though I'm no longer a Sherpa, I couldn't be more proud to celebrate Blawg Review's fifth anniversary and to congratulate Ed. on the institution he's built.

Blawg Review #259 is hosted by the still-anonymous and ever-enigmatic Blawg Review Editor himself at Legal Blog Watch. It's business as usual at the carnival of legal blogging as Ed. links to the best legal blogging of the past week. Highlights include the ethics of April Fool's Day (and of "unpublishing" blogged accusations), presumptions of innocence and guilt, and commemorating the three hundredth anniversary of copyright with a possible copyright violation.

Blawg Review continues next week (and hopefully for many, many more weeks thereafter). The group bloggers at Genomics Law Report will host Blawg Review #260.

Picture Credit: Zazzle.ca

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