20 July 2010

Blawg Review gets 95years. 43years with good behavior.

This week, Richard Allen and Joe Pirrotta host Blawg Review #273 at their 95years blog. If you're deterred by the name of the blog, don't worry -- it probably won't take you 95 years to get through their post; I read it only a day-and-a-half, thanks to those wonderful Hooked on Phonics and Your Baby Can Read tapes my wife gave me for Christmas. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Allen's and Pirrotta's focus is on the music industry, journalism, and the legal industry. Highlights include the recording industry's ongoing efforts to turn a mountain of money into a molehill of money, a rare defense of law school, and the sad prospect that your legal work is so menial that you deserve overtime (but probably still won't get it).

Vincent LoTempio will host Blawg Review #274 next week.

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