06 July 2010

If Blawg Review's not already your religion, may we suggest an alternate choice?

As far as organized religions go, the Church of the SubGenius has a lot to recommend it, not the least of which is Kevin Underhill's Blawg Review #271, hosted this week at his Lowering the Bar blog. Underhill describes the SubGenius "faith" as "sort of like Scientology but with more humor, less fraud, and an almost total lack of belief in itself." If you find the Church of Elvis too dogmatic and the Flying Spaghetti Monster seems inconsistent with your low-carb lifestyle, perhaps you should join the SubGenii. After you finish reading Blawg Review, of course.

Highlights in this Slack-infused edition of the carnival of legal blogging include embracing the imprefections in your blawg, taking a hard look at the "elites" who govern our lives, and accepting a bit of blasphemy in corporate naming. The SubGenii at the Lawyerist blog will host next week's Blawg Review #272.

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