28 July 2010

Is absentmindedness considered a disability?

I look forward to reading Blawg Review each Monday and, generally, I'm quick to mention each week's issue here. Sometimes I'm a little busy and I don't get to that mention until Tuesday. That it's Wednesday and I'm only just now getting around to recommending Vincent LoTempio's fine Blawg Review #274 is a particular shame. I enjoyed it very much on Monday, which was the twentieth anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, as discussed by LoTempio's post. What's my excuse for not writing about it here? Well, to borrow from Steve Martin, "I forgot."

Yes, things have been a bit hectic of late, but I'll make amends now. Go and read Blawg Review if you've not done so already. To update, the ADA is now twenty years and two days old, but Blawg Review #274 is just as relevant. The extensive discussion of the importance and impact of the ADA is the highlight of the post, of course, though other relevant legal blogging from the past week isn't neglected. LoTempio offers a personal account of the Act's effects, which helps to remind us that the ADA has done much good in its twenty years. Though some of that good is balanced by the Act's adverse impact on private enterprise in particular and by the "disability culture" which has arisen in employment and education law (Walter Olson has a great post on some of those issues), it's undeniable that the humanity and concern demonstrated by the enacting of the ADA is a legislative moment of which we can be proud all these years later.

Charles Green will host next week's edition of Blawg Review at his Trust Matters blog.

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