16 August 2010

Blawg Review Puts on the Foil

I used to be a hockey fan. Over the years, though, my interest has waned to the point where it would be inapt to call it "interest" any longer. To some degree, this was a natural thing — my favorite players were traded-away, declined, and retired and my favorite team languished in the standings season after season. Still, what really killed my interest in hockey was the NHL.

I was one of the many fans who drifted-off during the 2004-5 canceled season and never returned. These days, I don't bother to check the standings or even to watch an entire game when it's on local TV, but I'll happily watch hockey in the Olympics or in-person if given the opportunity. After the lockout year, the only hockey team I'll go out of my way to watch are the Charlestown Chiefs.

Whether you're in the camp which puts most of the blame for the lockout on then-NHLPA Executive Director (and University of Detroit Law alumnus) Bob Goodenow or the one which faults NHL Commissioner (and NYU Law alumnus) Gary Bettman, it's fair to say that lawyers killed my interest in professional hockey. With such residual bitterness, it's unlikely that lawyer R. David Donaghue could rekindle that interest, even with his fine Stanley Cup-themed Blawg Review #277 at his Chicago IP Litigation Blog site. Highlights include ponderings on pet trusts (and if you can't trust your pet, who can you trust, really?), the origins of inventions, and how best to kill a law firm.

The no doubt hockey-loving Canadian Omar Ha-Redeye will host next week's Blawg Review #278 at the Law is Cool blog.

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Dave Donoghue said...

Thanks for the write up. I know your pain. I stuck with college hockey for awhile after 1994-95, but it is too hard to watch college hockey. So, I am back. Next time you are in Chicago, a game is on me. We will see if they can bring you back. The new Hawks management (and the team) puts on a grat show.