09 August 2010

Oh, pardon me... were you here first?

The folks at the Securing Innovation blog explain that theirs "is not a law blog, or blawg, per se, but is the business blog of IP.com". Notwithstanding, those of us who visit the site on a regular basis know that their discussions of intellectual property and technology developments are anything but off-topic for many of us law types.

Today, they take a break from the usual business to commemorate this year's Day of the Indigenous Peoples and to host Blawg Review #276. They lead with a nod to Avatar's Na'vi, who redeemed the reputation of blue-skinned humanoids after the Smurfs soiled it (and before the soon-to-be-released Smurfs movie soils it again). Highlights include smoke and mirrors and bullshit, suicide chat room addiction, and a copyright settlement which allowed the parties to finally check out of and leave the Hotel Litigation.

R. David Donoghue will host next week's Blawg Review #277 at his Chicago IP LItigation Blog site.

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