02 August 2010

Trust me, he has a face you can trust.

The Blawg Review Editor is famously (or infamously, depending on your perspective) anonymous. He frequents meet-ups and conventions and hob-nobs with the great and good of the blawgosphere (and me as well) and is frequently pictured in photographic records of those events. In those photos, however, he manages to always hide his face when the shutter clicks, avoiding the gazes of a curious public. He's like the Elephant Man in that respect, but even if you don't know his face, you've likely come to trust his pseudonym and judgement over the years he's guided Blawg Review; maintaining his anonymity while building something trustworthy is no small tusk... er, task.

How does he do it? Perhaps this week's edition of the "Carnival of Trust", hosted by Ed. at the Blawg Review site, betrays some of his secrets.

Meanwhile, Charles Green hosts Blawg Review #275 over at his Trust Matters blog; highlights include the etiquette of linking prodigiously — especially to those who disagree with you, the importance of distinguishing between being anti-business and anti-the-worst-businesses, and the advisability of taking one's legal fees in cash rather than sexual favors.

The fine folks at IP.com will host next week's Blawg Review #276 at their Securing Innovation blog. Trust me.

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