07 September 2010

Rosh Hashanah if you must, but I for one will enjoy a Leisurely Hashanah.

At his Likelihood of Confusion blog, just ahead of the upcoming Rosh Hashanah, Ron Coleman hosts Blawg Review #280. He writes:
...Rosh Hashanah is the Day of Judgment for all of humanity—even lawyers. Even judges. Even blawgers!


“Happy New Year” is not the primary Rosh Hashanah sentiment; rather, we express the wish that we, and those we love, and the very world we live in, see the way clear to merit existence and blessing for another year. For ourselves we ask for clarity as to what was wrong with our previous submissions, the strength to prepare amendment and the time to get the revised prayers, if you will, filed before the record is closed—secure, however, in the knowledge that such rectification, if pled both artfully and with appropriate candor, can be effective in the manner we litigators call nunc pro tunc—and then some.

Heavy, yes, but isn’t every capital trial?
I look forward to Coleman's Blawg Reviews more than most and perhaps more than anyone else's. He's a thoughtful writer, adept at gathering the best legal blogging and presenting it in an entertaining and informative way. His Blawg Review #191, concerning the history and meaning of Chanukah, remains one of my all-time favorites, as does last year's "not that kind of Chanukah Blawg Review" post. This year's post may be themed around another Jewish tradition, but it will be no less memorable.

Highlights include a questionable trademark decision rendered in service of a college football money grab, a biblical parallel to a modern-day littering case, and another case which may answer whether bigamy can withstand constitutional scrutiny. Keith Lee will host next week's Blawg Review #281 at his An Associate's Mind blog.

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Ron Coleman said...

Oh, no, you have misconstrued us!

Not only do we not "rush" Ha-shana, we've added an extra day just to make sure we get it right!

Thanks for the link and the kind comments.