19 October 2010

The Write Stuff

It'd be overstating things to suggest that Blawg Review is a literary endeavor. No, the carnival of legal blogging remains focused, well into its sixth year of existence, on gathering and showcasing the best legal blogging each week. That said, it would do a disservice to dismiss Blawg Review as just another collection of links. Though it's certainly not required — or even the norm, necessarily — for a blawg review to draw on great traditional or popular literary works or themes, the sizeable Blawg Review audience has always been very receptive to these and several such blawg reviews remain amongst the most memorable and popular.

Just ahead of this week's National Day on Writing, Blawg Review #286 (from "Piercie Shafton") highlights the literary art often displayed by blawg review hosts. In addition to those, highlights in this edition include explaining the troubles of the legal profession with a story, the importance of associating a real name with a story, and adapting real-world legal drama into a compelling big screen story.

Next week's Blawg Review #287 is a story in search of its author; if you're feeling literary, visit the Blawg Review site to learn about hosting and volunteer your services.

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