15 November 2010

Blawg Review's In the Pink

While I love the literary Blawg Reviews, the occasion-themed Blawg Reviews, and the milestone Blawg Reviews, when it comes to themes there can be a fine line between inspired and oppressive (I know whereof I speak on the latter, having written a couple of oppressive examples myself).

This week's Blawg Review #290 at Familoo's Pink Tape blog is a model of simplicity. This is Blawg Review's essence — wonderful links collected and presented in a conversational style and with pertinent but unobtrusive commentary by a wonderful legal blogger. Ah, if only every week could be this way!

Highlights include coverage of the #twitterjoketrial and the #iamspartacus furor which followed, the ironic coincidence of Britain's latest reminder of diminished civil rights and the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, and a rash of politicians tweeting and blogging badly.

Now that Familoo's shown how Blawg Review should be done, who'll step-up to host next week's Blawg Review #291?


familoo said...

You are too kind. I am but simple girl. ;-)
(Ps it weren't simple, I is bloody worn out!)

Unknown said...

The dirty little secret of Blawg Review (if anything about it can be considered "secret" after 290 editions and who-knows how many hosts) is that it's easy to host Blawg Review and very difficult to do it well. You did it well. The former host in me appreciates the hard work which you put into it as much as the reader in me enjoyed the results. Congratulations!