23 November 2010

"Sua Sponte" must be Latin for "pretty darn good".

Headed into the weekend, Blawg Review was short one host; previous host Dave Gulbransen responded the anonymous Blawg Review Editor's bat signal and on short notice pulled together a very entertaining Blawg Review #291 at his Preaching to the Perverted blog. Gulbransen writes:
Ed. had asked me last about the possibility of hosting Blawg Review today, and I had indicated that I would, but since I would be traveling this weekend, that it would be a little more, um, low-key than some of my previous efforts.


So, here it is: your November 22, 2010 Blawg Review. Dave! Style, with an emphasis on Dave! and a little short on the style
I'll take a little Dave! any day. He notes a number of legal bloggers for whom he's thankful this Thanksgiving season and I'm honored to be noted amongst that number. Next week's Blawg Review will be hosted by UK employment lawyer Michael Scutt at his Jobsworth blog.

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