03 January 2011

Blawg Review makes a riotous return for the new year!

After a first-ever holiday during the month of December, Blawg Review makes its 2011 debut in high style, as Charon QC hosts a UK-centric Blawg Review #292 at his namesake blog.

This edition of the long-running Carnival of Legal Blogging is not only a tremendous reintroduction of Blawg Review after its holiday, but also a wonderfully informative, entertaining, and surreal introduction to Charon's writing itself (for those few of you who haven't read him regularly). There are appearances by and mentions of several characters who have occasionally populated his blog, including Lord Shagger, Matt Muttley, and West London Man; there are mentions of test cricket and Rioja; there are allusions to running riot on Twitter, along with kind mentions of his frequent riotmates.

Yes, there's a great deal of frivolity to be found in this Blawg Review, but this is also a highly informative post. It focuses on legal blogging in the United Kingdom (and to a lesser extent in Ireland, Canada, and the United States) and will serve as a who's who list of British legal bloggers for some time to come. Highlights include Scottish discussion of the Lockerbie bombing and related legal matters, British discussion of the Contempt of Court Act, and a well-conceived and liberal consideration of UK libel laws, but this is one post where one truly needs to read the whole thing.

Charon was kind enough to mention my more-occasional-than-it-should-be "A Round Tuit" series at this blog; number 51 in the series will be up on Wednesday, after a Blawg Review-inspired December holiday. Also returning this month will be Charon's beloved West London Man character, whose misadventures I'm honored to co-script with Charon.

Next week's Blawg Review host, Paul Kennedy at The Defense Rests, has the unenviable task of following this week's wonderful Blawg Review #292. Better him than me!

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