25 January 2011

Macintosh and DHS share a birthday; one comes from Apple and the other's bananas.

Reigning Blawg Review of the Year award winner Kevin Thompson offers a strong contender for this year's award with Blawg Review #295 at his Cyberlaw Central blog this week. On the dual anniversary of the Apple Macintosh's glorious introduction and the Department of Homeland Security's somewhat more ignominious one, Thompson focuses Blawg Review's sights on technology, security, and cyberlaw issues. Highlights include posts discussing trading something for less-than-nothing, analyzing the FCC's conditions for the Comcast-NBC merger, and defining the "Flawg" for fun and profit. Jamison Koehler will host next week's Blawg Review #296 at his Koehler Law blog.

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