07 February 2011

He ain't hairy... he's my blawger.

Big Legal Brain hosts a "Hair Shirt Edition" Blawg Review #297 this week, on the anniversary of Savonarola's Bonfire of the Vanities, and I like the post for a couple of reasons: First, I couldn't agree more with the Brainiacs' suggestion that it's "time to revive the wearing of hair shirts and the burning of vain things with which we disagree." I wear a hair shirt every day (pug hair covers pretty much everything I own) and I'm sure that I'm twice the lawyer I'd be if my clothes were tidy. Second, I think that all of us who remember the Thomas confirmation hearings would agree that it's high time for the pubic hair on the soda can to be replaced by something else as the most notable law-related hair in recent memory.

Highlights of this edition of the carnival of legal blogging include creating value at a legal tech conference by showing social media gurus the door, trivializing the unrest in Egypt to sell fashion, and considering the particulars in drafting a "Motion to Be A Dick or, in the Alternative, Motion to be an Inflamed Hemorrhoid." A special Valentine's Day Blawg Review will show us some love next week.

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