15 February 2011

TGIBR: Thank God It's Blawg Review! (298)

Each Friday here, I do one or two "TGIS" posts — that's "Thank God It's Schadenfreude" — taking joy in the (usually well-deserved) misfortune of others. This week's Blawg Review #298, hosted by Brian Tannebaum at his My Law License blog, might just have satisfied my schadenfreude quota several days early.

On Valentine's Day, Tannebaum showed no love for the marketeers and gurus who have lately come to convince the more desperate, greedy, or unsuspecting amongst our numbers that social media offers a path to riches and respect. He is an unwavering opponent of these "social media snake oil salesmen" and has frequently turned a spotlight on their activities and questionable qualifications.

While Tannebaum's certainly been notable for his sharp tongue, Blawg Review #298 demonstrates another side as well. Apparent here is his respect for the true professionals in our profession — those who dedicate themselves to the highest ideals in the practice of law, who defend their clients' freedom and interests zealously, and who cultivate genuine skills rather than SEO-driven "expertise" to dupe the unwary.

Highlights of this week's Blawg Review include posts keeping track of real change in Egypt, discussing a well-deserved sanction for legal search term squatting, condemning a disturbing conflict of interest amongst the leadership of a criminal defense organization, and offering some sage advice to younger solo practitioners.

Jennifer Lubinski will host next week's Blawg Review at her Work Product blog.

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