07 March 2011

All you do to me is talk talk... well, that and Blawg Review.

Mirriam Seddiq hosts Blawg Review #301 this week at her Not Guilty blog. Prompted by the anniversary of Bell's patent for the telephone, she takes as her theme the idea of changes in communication, from changes in method to changes in meaning to changes in frequency. Topics this week include the "death" of blogging amongst younger folks, the admissibility of deathbed communications, and the criminalization of prank communications.

"Date Available" is scheduled to host Blawg Review #302 next week. Mr. Available will have his work cut out for him if he wants to produce a Blawg Review of the Year. This past year's worthy winner, Blawg Review #278 written by Omar Ha-Redeye, set an exceptionally high standard.

UPDATE: Well, it's an update about a clarification. Dianne Rosky has stepped-up to host the next Blawg Review at her Pls Clarify site. Good luck to her!

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Omar Ha-Redeye said...

Thanks for the mention.