04 March 2012

George Rises (and Falls)

As my good friend Charon QC noted this morning, he and I have written and recorded another in our occasional series of "West London Man" satires. You can hear the recording of the latest episode, "The Adventure of the Final Problem", at his site.

As you might suspect from the title, this edition of George's escapades is an homage to the famous Sherlock Holmes story of the same name. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes stories have been popular since their publication and the character is even more popular at the moment, what with the outstanding BBC Sherlock series and not-quite-so-outstanding Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law movies. Of course, West London Man (26) will probably end this Holmes Golden Age. Regardless, it was a distinct pleasure to write and record once again with my friends Charon and George; I hope that you enjoy "The Adventure of the Final Problem" as much.

Charon posted a link to this episode's script along with the recording. I've included a link to that script below, together with links to the other three episodes he and I co-wrote:

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