09 June 2005

Life in the Real World

With the Senate's confirmation yesterday of California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown, there has been increased speculation in our local press concerning Governor Schwarzenegger's (I know, it still sounds strange) forthcoming selection to replace her on the court. This morning on KQED, the local NPR affiliate in the Bay Area, an emeritus professor at UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall law school offered some advice; he recommended that the governator make a bold choice and select someone "with real world experience, like a politician or a law professor."

While many, if not most, politicians and legal academics have substantial work experience beyond the walls of their marble halls and ivory towers, I doubt that "politician" and "law professor" are the archetypes of "real world experience". Worthy professions, yes; real world, no. Nice try, professor, but it's clear that the "real world" candidate the public demands for the highest court in the state would be an in-house counsel at a Northern California software company, ideally with "real world" experience in home repair and interests in baseball and military history. If such a renaissance man exists, where, oh where could that remarkable person be found?

If I can locate an audio stream of the segment online, I'll append it to this message later today.

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