25 July 2005

Sixteen Candles for Blawg Review

The sixteenth issue of Blawg Review is now available, courtesy of the Objective Justice blog. While the bulk of the issue is devoted to analysis of some nomination which was made last week (Details please, anyone? This one seems to have flown beneath my radar.), Evan Brown and I take note of the decision by Microsoft to dub their next-generation Windows OS "Vista".

Evan takes the lead in pointing-out some possible trademark weirdness on Vista's horizon, but neither of us hazards a guess as to why Microsoft has chosen to build a new market around "Vista" when their development code name, "Longhorn", already has tremendous brand recognition within their anticipated market. My own theory is that secret zoological research conducted by Microsoft wherein Longhorns and Tigers were pitted against one another in steel-cage death matches revealed that Bos taurus was severely overmatched by Panthera tigris. The stakes are high in the upcoming round of OS wars and the steaks are thick and juicy in the Microsoft cafeteria; both facts tend to support my theory, which I will henceforth, for trademark purposes, refer to as Vista™. Any objections?

According to Judge Posner, Blawg Review is "a world where inexperienced editors make articles about the wrong topics worse." Have you seen or written an article about the wrong legal topic in the past week which you think Blawg Review's inexperienced editors could make worse? If so, peruse the submission guidelines and make your recommendations; the deadline for submissions is each Saturday evening for the following Monday's issue.

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