06 September 2005

Heroic Deeds Elsewhere

Heroism is not an exclusively American trait; predominately, yes, but not exclusively. In fact, nearly every nation except France has its heroic individuals. Consider this Limey's recent heroic actions, as reported by The Register:
An enraged Brit spent 24 hours in jail and was fined 60 quid for terminating a Bulgarian karaoke with his fists - a small price to pay for bringing to an end a tuneless rendition of Queen's We are the Champions belted out by a couple of melodicidal locals.

Having assaulted the two men responsible for the outrage, 40-year-old Kevin Tester of Eastbourne proceeded to trash the Techhouse karaoke restaurant in the Black Sea holiday resort of Sunny Beach. He later told police he had been provoked by the "bad singing" and "bad English", Ananova reports.

Rock on, karaoke quality enforcement guy . . . you are the champion.

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