01 September 2005

More Blegging for a Worthy Cause

There's unfortunately no end to need in the world these days. I appreciate those who have mentioned to me that last week's post about the Soldiers' Angels Foundation and their Project Valour-IT either prompted them to donate to that charity or a similar one, or to consider doing so in the near future. (And my thanks go also to those of you who donated but didn't drop me a line!) A link to that worthy cause remains in Infamy or Praise's sidebar and will so remain for some time yet.

Let's do some more good.

The news this week has detailed the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina so discomfortingly well that I don't need to recap those effects here. On Tuesday, I posted a donation link to the Red Cross' donation page in the sidebar but didn't draw much attention to it. Certainly, the Red Cross needs no introduction; the tireless efforts of its volunteers and workers year after year, during major disasters and more personal tragedies, here and abroad have made its mission known to all. If you have not already donated to one of the many efforts providing relief to the areas battered by Katrina, please do so now through the donation link in the sidebar.

If you've spent much time today in the blogosphere, you've likely noticed the concerted efforts of hundreds of bloggers, led by the Instapundit and The Truth Laid Bear sites, to raise money for and draw needed attention to the numerous charities involved in the relief and rebuilding efforts now ongoing in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Please take the time to donate to the Red Cross here or to another effort at another blog site and take a second as well to register your generousity on the TLLB contribution logging page, to see your contribution add to the thousands of dollars blog writers and readers have raised for this noble and necessary effort.

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