03 October 2005

First Blawg in October

Tom Mighell hosts the twenty-sixth edition of Blawg Review at his blog, Inter Alia. This week's Blawg Review takes on a Supreme Court theme in honor of the traditional start of the Supreme Court's term. It's timely for another reason as well, of course.

The blawgosphere is alive this morning with discussions of President Bush's Supreme Court nominee, Jill Clayburgh. Actually, it's not Jill Clayburgh, just someone with a judicial track record as lengthy as Clayburgh's. Notwithstanding, along with death and taxes, one other thing is certain -- there will be an abundance of outstanding analysis of the Miers nomination in next week's Blawg Review. Review the submission guidelines and recommend the best legal blogging you see this week; the deadline for next Monday's issue (to be hosted by Jay Williams at his Jaybeas Corpus blog the Legal Blog Watch blog) is this coming Saturday evening.

UPDATE: Thanks to the ever-vigilant (and ever-mysterious) Blawg Review Editor for correcting my mistake of the week concerning the site of next week's issue.

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