07 November 2005

Blawgskin-Reviewins 31 Flavors

Andrew Raff hosts the thirty-first edition of Blawg Review at his IPTAblog. It's an Alito-heavy week and this issue is excellent as always. That excellence is no accident, mind you; the editorial team does an outstanding job guiding the carnival and, with the exception of the upcoming December 5th edition, the weekly hosts are anything but weakly. You readers do you part as well -- well, most of you anyhow. Every week, I advise you to review the submission guidelines and recommend the best legal blogging you see in the coming week; some of you are just not paying attention. In the immortal words of every gym teacher who ever lived, "Let's get with the program, people!" The deadline for next Monday's issue, to be hosted at JAG Central, is this coming Saturday evening.

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