19 December 2005

Who are we? Wire we here?

The Wired GC hosts the thirty-seventh edition of Blawg Review. Unlike the unfortunate Admiral Stockdale in his Vice-Presidential debate performance, The Wired GC is able to answer the above questions -- we're here to be immortalized in poetry! It would take a truly irredemable grinch not to feel his or her heart grow three sizes upon reading this instant holiday classic.

Next week's issue of Blawg Review is a special edition -- the first Blawg Review Awards -- so I don't feel the need to harrangue you all to review the submission guidelines and recommend the best legal blogging you see this week; in fact, I'm telling you to just take the week off to rest up for the awards issue. The Wired GC is sure to be in the running for several Blawg Review Awards (can we start calling them the "Eddies"?), as will be "Brokeback Mountain", since the last taboo in American culture is to not nominate a gay cowboy movie for any available award.

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